Open-air museum in Ulytau to become tourist attraction center

An open-air museum will appear in Ulytau, with the Zhoshy Khan Mausoleum becoming its center. The construction of a historical and cultural complex, where all conditions for tourists will be created, is nearing completion. Most importantly, during the reconstruction, the historical appearance of the museum has been preserved. Near the tomb, they erected a seven-meter monument to Zhoshy Khan. In addition, the center will house a large exhibition hall and two observation galleries. The historical and cultural complex will unite a museum, an ethno village and souvenir shops.

“He is the eldest son of the famous Genghis Khan, whom the whole world knows. All Kazakh khans are descendants of Zhoshy Khan, not other sons of Genghis Khan, but Zhoshy Khan. Through his name, through this monument, through this complex, we want to tell tourists and the whole world that nomadic culture has made a great contribution to world civilization,” said Bakhtiyar Kozhakhmetov, Director of the National Reserve Museum ‘Ulytau.’

Tourism is currently being actively developed in Ulytau. For this purpose, a visit center has been built. A total of 546 million tenge (US$1.2 million) was allocated from the state budget for its implementation. There is a hotel, a museum, a library, an information room and even a children’s playroom. The center can accommodate 100 people at a time.

“We currently work with two travel agencies. Most importantly, travel destinations are listed on our official website. We have 25 complexes and travelers can get all the information about them,” added Aman-Serik Yessengaliuly, staff member of the National Reserve Museum ‘Ulytau.’

There are about 6,000 historical monuments in the Ulytau district. To date, only 20 percent of them have been studied and they are under state protection.

Translation by Assem Zhnamukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova