Cultural dialogue of Kazakhstan and Afghanistan

An international project “Dialogue through culture” again started in the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan. This time, it presented an exhibition entitled “The Gift of Afghan Art” of an artist Faryadi Mohammad Masood. The exposition collected the best works made in the genre of calligram. The author has been engaged in this type of art all his life and is confident that his works will find the response in the hearts of Kazakh people. In addition, this will provide an opportunity to feel the spirit of Afghan culture. The exhibition is available online and all presented exhibits are displayed on the official website of the library as well as on social media.

“The friendly and fraternal Kazakhstan is undoubtedly one of the countries that will appreciate and love the beautiful art of calligraphy. I am proud that today I am one of those who will give you this gift, because the art of calligraphy and gilding is rooted in the Quran and Islam. At the exhibition, you will see 54 chapters of the Holy Quran in the form of a book of calligraphy and gilding, as well as the first, middle and last parts of the Quran, which I worked over,” said Faryadi Mohammad Masood, an artist from Afghanistan.