Russian actress tries to parody Dimash Kudaibergen

The unique voice of Dimash Kudaibergen is one of a kind, said famous TV presenter Maxim Galkin on a Russian show “Right to a Tee”, the Russian version of the international format “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Actress Valeriya Lanskaya tried to parody the image of Dimash, singing the hit “Love of Tired Swans”. Galkin called her performance a catastrophe, noting the she chose a very complex image.

“God, you are adventuress! It was a catastrophe. I am sorry, guys, but it was terrible. You cannot “choke” half a song for the sake of taking these high notes. Dimash is incredible, but I was worried half the performance about how you sing these notes,” said TV presenter Maxim Galkin.

The TV presenter emphasized that Dimash Kudaibergen is incredible and he does not advise anyone to try this image. Maxim Galkin said that the Kazakh singer has a full freedom of voice control. The thing is not even about five octaves, but about the fact that he freely varies back and forth between these octaves. However, other jury members and the Internet users highly appreciated the performance of the actress.