Astana Opera theatre presents new gala programs

Astana Opera theatre presents the masterpieces of contemporary choreography along with classical and national performances. The theatre’s artistic director Altynai Assylmuratova prepared completely new two-part gala programs that the audience has never seen before. According to her, both young dancers and leading soloists of the ballet took part in the show. They performed a huge variety of unique choreographic stage shows with magnificent technique and skills. Among them is the beloved and famous “Scheherazade”.

“This performance is very interesting to me because of the beautiful oriental role, which shows the flavor of our nature. I enjoy stepping out on stage, enjoy playing the role of my heroine. In turn, I always try to convey the role at 100 percent, giving maximum effort. I use not only my vision and thoughts of the character, but also find and take something better from the other side. I note all reasonable remarks, and insert them into my part,” said Gaukhar Ussina, a leading soloist at the Astana Opera.