Kazakhstan implements new set of measures to ensure food security


New poultry farms, greenhouses and dairy farms will appear in Kazakhstan this year. The Government developed a new set of measures to ensure food security, primeminister.kz reported. In particular, 285 investment projects in the agricultural sector are planned to be implemented this year. Most of them are aimed at import substitution of agricultural products. Four dairy farms, two poultry farms and one fruit storage have already been put into operation since the beginning of the year. And it is just a start. Work is currently underway to create seven large ecosystems for the production and processing of meat, fruits, vegetables, grains, oilseeds and dairy products. In the future, as part of the roadmap for this year, it is planned to achieve self-sufficiency in apples by 80 percent, fish and poultry by 75 percent, sausages, cheeses and cottage cheese by 70 percent.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova