Kazakhstan’s exports grows up to US$11.5 billion


Kazakhstan’s economy has shown significant growth since the beginning of the year. The recovery dynamics is seen in all sectors. The results of the social and economic development of the country were discussed at a government meeting chaired by the Prime Minister. The GDP entered a positive zone, amounting to 0.7 percent. Non-resource sector made the largest contribution. The manufacturing industry shows the record rates, the growth of which amounted to 7.7 percent for the last four months. A positive result is seen in 13 regions, wherein the top three include the capital, Almaty city and Almaty region. Mechanical engineering, manufacturing of locomotives, electronic equipment, and chemical industry show high indicators as well. There is also an increase in investments in non-primary activities by 32.3 percent. Among them, first of all, are manufacturing industry, construction and agriculture. Exports indicators are also encouraging. Supplies abroad grew up to US$11.5 billion this year.

“From January to March, foreign trade turnover has reached US$19.7 billion, including exports – US$11.5 billion. The export of non-primary goods grew by 15 percent to US$4 billion. Imports of goods amounted to US$8.2 billion. The positive trade balance exceeded US$3.3 billion,” said Asset Irgaliyev, Kazakh Minister Of National Economy.

Since the beginning of the year, Mangystau region and Shymkent city have shown an increase in all seven macro-indicators of social and economic development. A little behind are Akmola, Aktobe, Zhambyl, Karagandy and Kostanai regions. The lowest indicators were achieved in West Kazakhstan region.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova