Khorgos reports record amount of cargo traffic

A record cargo traffic was reported at the Khorgos border free trade zone. According to the customs authorities, in 2020 alone, nearly 5,000 trains passed through the economically significant dry port between Kazakhstan and China. And all of this despite the pandemic. Experts say that China-Europe freight trains were in high demand due to affordable prices and high capacity.

“Last year, our company expanded the range of products even more. Now we work not only with clothing and footwear, but also with high-tech goods,” said a manager of a logistics company, Zeng Yexing.

The dry port of Khorgos launched the China-Europe freight railway route back in 2016. Five years later, there has been a steady increase in the number of passing trains.

 “We optimized the cargo handling process, reduced loading times and simplified customs clearance in order to meet demand and ensure smooth international transport,” noted Lo Jianjiang, Deputy Station Director at the Khorgos Port.

 “We are actively promoting cross-border cooperation between China and Kazakhstan and are trying to reduce the clearance procedures to 20 minutes,” added Head of Customs Supervision in Khorgos Lun Teng.

Experts say that in the near future, China-Europe freight trains could become one of the world’s major channels for both export and import.