Potential of Kazakhstan’s agro-industrial complex


380 investments projects in agro-industrial sector worth over four trillion tenge (US$9.5 billion) will be launched in Kazakhstan in the next five years. Nearly 65 percent of them will be aimed at the import substitution. They will be launched in stages with an average of 80 projects per year. By that time, the country plans to increase the number of farms, breeding farms, greenhouses and to organize the processing of crop production. As a result, 500,000 new jobs will be created in Kazakhstan, as noted at a Government’s meeting.

“As a result of these measures, by 2025, it is planned to increase the labor productivity in agriculture by 2.5 times and a twofold increase in the export of products, 70 percent of which must be processed. The volume of gross agricultural production will be increased by 1.3 times. At the same time, by 2023, 100 percent provision of the domestic market with domestic products for the main socially significant foodstuffs will be ensured. Our main goal is to ensure the food security of the country,” said Askar Mamin, Kazakh Prime Minister.

According to Askar Mamin, a national project on agricultural development will be adopted this year. It will form seven main ecosystems. Their work will be focused on processing agricultural products, improving the system of subsidies, creating agricultural cooperatives, developing veterinary, phytosanitary services and agricultural science.