Kazakh Foreign Ministry holds talks with large investors

Kazakh Foreign Ministry holds talks with large investors

Kazakh diplomats held talks with representatives of 700 large companies. Thus, Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs is working on restoration of the investment climate in the country. According to Deputy Foreign Minister Almas Aidarov, now there is a big task to prove that Kazakhstan is stable in relation to its investment obligations. A meeting with regional director of the “Exxon Mobile” company has been recently held at the Foreign Ministry. This largest oil corporation has been working in the country since 1993. The volume of investments over this time has amounted to US$22 billion.

“I hold meetings with all these companies, and members of the council of investors. There are nearly 30 enterprises. Our foreign institutions, our ambassadors abroad hold negotiations with head offices of companies located there. We covered about 700 companies. Some enterprises are concerned. Such large corporations as Exxon Mobile see the big picture, they look not only at the situation in Kazakhstan, but also discuss what is happening around us. In general, we look at the figures that we have now. For example, the growth of investments in Kazakhstan’s economy totaled 50 percent,” said Almas Aidarov, Kazakh Deputy Foreign Minister.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova