Export of Kazakh it solutions grows

Export of Kazakh it solutions grows

Kazakh IT companies have attracted more than US$300,000 of investment. 94 domestic firms signed contracts and agreements worth US$875,000. This was made possible by Astana Hub’s special Scalerator program. According to the technopark spokespeople, the project helped participants to enter new markets and establish their work in other countries. Startups together with experts studied competitors for eight weeks and prepared a marketing strategy for entering foreign trading platforms. Thus, participants received professional assistance in finding business partners from top specialists. And the result was not long in coming.

“As for the numbers, in total we received 234 applications. 94 IT companies have graduated. We had three directions, namely there were 30 companies that are focused on North America and Europe, 30 companies working with CIS countries, and 34 countries concentrated on Southeast Asia. Of these 94 companies, there are about 40 contracts. As for the plans to work with other countries, we have one big goal for 2025 as part of the assignment, which is to make US$500 million in exports of IT services,” said Meruyert Tleubergenova, Manager of Astana Hub’s Business Program Office.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova