Kazakhstan plans to increase investment attractiveness via demonopolization

Kazakhstan plans to increase investment attractiveness via demonopolization

Demonopolization and creation of equal conditions in the market will increase the investment attractiveness of Kazakhstan, said First Deputy Chairperson of the Agency for Protection and Development of Competition Rustam Akhmetov in the Mazhilis, the Lower House of Kazakh Parliament. Today basic industries of the country remain in the state of monopoly. These are fuel and energy complex, transport and communication. The discussed draft law will reduce the influence of the monopoly structure of the existing commodity markets on adjacent commodity markets and expand access to resources. The drafters of the document took into account the recommendations of experts from OECD countries to increase investment attractiveness.

“The investment attractiveness of adjacent markets depends on whether they get access to these resources. Demonopolization of the market, access rules – this is aimed at reducing ineffective intermediaries, the marginality of these market participants. The access rules will allow us reducing the marginality of oil “givers” who sell oil products, the marginality of coal business, coal mines, energy companies, communications, railroad transportations. This is all of infrastructure, this is access to raw materials, this is imperative for attracting investments in Kazakhstan, for the emergence of new investors and producers,” Akhmetov said.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova