Mayor of Nur-Sultan on resuming construction of LRT

Construction work on the LRT line resumed in Nur-Sultan, said the capital’s Mayor Altai Kulginov at a briefing in the Central Communications Service. According to him, a contractor, which is a Chinese consortium, is preparing for construction and installation work.

“The work has resumed now because of the current construction season. The terms are the same as those signed in the contracts. We have both Chinese and local partners. According to the contractual obligations, the work is underway. I’m not saying that the work is intensive. The intensive work will continue as funding comes forward. Tendering procedures on external borrowings, the choice of banks are underway now. When we determine the source of funding, we will begin to work more actively,” said Altai Kulginov, Mayor of Nur-Sultan city.

The Mayor of the capital noted that it is necessary to invest nearly US$1 billion in order to complete this project. The mayoral office plans to hold a competition on attracting funds by the end of the summer.

During the briefing, Altai Kulginov also spoke about what events will be held as part of the Capital City Day. Many planned events were cancelled or switched to online format due to the current epidemiological situation, he said. The local authorities decided to cancel the traditional fireworks this year.

Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova