New-generation school to open in Nur-Sultan ahead of new academic year

Combination of the Kazakh educational model and the advanced pedagogical practices of Finland, the United Kingdom and South Korea. This year, four new-generation innovative schools will open in Nur-Sultan. Children will be able to study there absolutely free of charge. Educational institutions intend to put a bigger focus on spiritual formation of their students’ personality. They intend to educate new generations of young Kazakh citizens on the basis of the principles of Amanat, namely respect, responsibility and hard work. In addition, for intellectual development, as well as artistic and aesthetic appreciation, students will be provided with coworking zones, a cinema, a television studio, a theater, speaking and debate clubs. The first such innovative school will open its doors on September 1st. The school is 80 percent ready. Another three schools will be launched later. Expansion of the school network throughout the country will also be considered. This project is being implemented as part of public-private partnership.

“One of the distinguishing features of our schools is high-quality material and technical foundation, as more than 20 percent of the total cost of the project is spent on equipment. What does that do? This provides implementation of fully updated educational standards, meaning children can in practice implement the whole range of laboratory work in physics, chemistry and biology. We hope that as a result it will lead to the development of functional literacy, which is measured by the program for international student assessment PISA, and where our country’s performance is not as high,” said Arailym Magzumova, Director for Development.