World Science Week kicks off in Nur-Sultan

The World Science Week with the participation of Nobel laureates and world experts kicked off in Nur-Sultan online. It will last until April 16, hosting two major international events in the capital, which are the second Central Asia Nobel Fest and a series of special lectures for universities of Kazakhstan and Central Asia. Overall, 50 speakers are expected to take part in the fest that will be conducted under the slogan “Inventing the Future”. Among them are eight laureates of Nobel Prize, nine laureates of “Breakthrough Prize” and several renowned experts. They will share best practices in fields such as economy of opportunities, educational trends and industry of the future.

“Now our country, people are fighting with the pandemic and its effects. We want to look further and show people what will happen after the pandemic ends, what technologies and innovations we need to keep well up, to be in the lead and hold it. This is the first. Secondly, the slogan “Inventing the Future” means how we can make a future in which the country will be able to develop sustainably and show new technologies to the whole world,” said Adilet Amirov, coordinator at Central Asia Nobel Fest.

According to the organizers, for ten days, online debates, discussions and lectures by world-leading innovators, economists, developers and scientists will be available for 20,000 participants of the World Science Week.

“We organized this event especially for students of Kazakhstan and Central Asia, including Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, as well as the Caucasus, Azerbaijan. A lot of people join from there. We have international speakers. We did not limit ourselves at all, we added as many laureates of Nobel Prize as possible. Of course, they are from different countries, including the U.S. and Europe. We did not forget about the speakers from Kazakhstan. Therefore, heads of Kazakh companies will take part as well to communicate and share their experience with their international colleagues,” said Adilet Amirov, coordinator at Central Asia Nobel Fest.