Kazakh capital actively implements digitalization projects

Kazakh capital actively implements digitalization projects

Total digital transformation of all processes. Implementation of the ‘Smart Astana’ concept based on the European model is in full swing in the Kazakh capital. This will allow for the final transformation of Nur-Sultan into a smart city. To that end, however, it is important to continue improving infrastructure and introducing advanced digital projects.

“For example, the Clockster project. To date, a face recognition system has been installed in the school no. 59. This system allows parents to control their children, that is, to control the entry and exit of a student. Actually, the system recognizes not only the face, but also screens if a student is wearing a mask and checks his body temperature. Smart air ionization is the next project that is being tried out. The product has been tested at this bus stop since March of this year. This system ionizes the air by 99.9 percent, allowing residents to enter the bus stop without a mask. This system is also equipped with video surveillance and has a system for verbal notification of residents,” said Zhanat Maussymbayev, Director of Project Development Department at Astana Innovations.

A smart city is not only about smart technologies. To date, useful service centers are being launched for residents of the capital. ‘iQala’ is one of them. It offers the possibility of getting more than 150 services in one place on a single window principle. This saves a lot of time. Among the most requested services are the conclusion of contracts for water, heating, electricity and household solid waste collection.

“All services provided by our monopolists can be obtained in one place within 15 minutes. The iQala center has already processed 180,000 calls, or requests. To date, this initiative of the city is supported by the government. Also, Nur-Sultan’s experience is currently being scaled up and other regions are adopting our practice,” added Yerkebulan Seisepov, spokesperson for Nur-Sultan Department of Digitalization and State Services.

According to experts, health, education, transport, security, and housing and communal services are the areas of focus today. In fact, by digitizing them it is possible to significantly increase the comfort, and therefore, the quality of life of residents.


Translation by Assem Zhanmukhanova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova