Welcome to Kazakhstan!

Where in Almaty can you look at plants collected from all over the world?

18.01.2022 13:03

How do you manage to grow the Red Book species?

What does the gun donated by Fidel Castro look like?

18.01.2022 12:52

Whose merit is it that the seventies became for Kazakhstan not an era of stagnation, but a time of prosperity and development?

What hiking trails can the Ayusai visitor center surprise tourists with?

28.12.2021 17:24

Why, despite the difficult path, more and more tourists strive to get to the Ulken Аlmaty? 

What connects North Kazakhstan and Polish pilgrims?

28.12.2021 17:02

What miracle happened in the steppes in 1941?

Who was the world famous Golden Man?

09.09.2021 12:19

Why could a sensational archaeological find never take place?

What is the secret of ancient stone idols?

24.08.2021 10:10

What does the word Shahristan mean? 

What does the historical and cultural park «Ancient Taraz» look like?

17.08.2021 16:43

Is it possible to find medieval royal gardens in the middle of a modern city in the south of Kazakhstan? 

What is left of the ancient city of Sairam today?

11.08.2021 16:53

What masterpieces of medieval architecture have survived there to this day?

What did the states of Central Asia look like in the Middle Ages?

05.08.2021 15:09

What is left of the legendary city of Otyrar?