Outdoor Kazakhstan


12.01.2022 09:47

Water scarcity is the main issue in the area.

Snow Leopard – the Symbol of Almaty and Kazakhstan

30.12.2021 16:25

The Ayusai tourist route reaches the third waterfall.

Ecotourism in the Ile-Alatau National Park

10.12.2021 23:30

Today the tour operator Assel Gubaidullina will introduce us to ecological tourism in the Aksai branch of the Ile-Alatau National Park. Do not miss!

Hiking with Bagaudin Bekov

03.12.2021 23:30

Bagaudin Bekov is the expedition lead.

Search for Edige's grave

12.11.2021 23:30

In this issue, the project participants go on a trip to the historical monuments of the Aktobe region. Don't miss this episode.

What secret is kept by Lake Zhasylkol?

01.11.2021 17:28

For many years, we have planned a trip to the mysterious lake Zhasylkol in the Zhetysu Alatau. 

Where does the Chilik River originate from?

25.10.2021 15:11

For many years there was a tourist route through the Toguzak glacier. 

What awaits Balkhash in the near future

11.10.2021 14:05

Today, the topic of drought is at the center of media attention and is actively discussed on social networks. 

Ustyurt Treasures

17.08.2021 16:36

In this program, the journey begins from the city of Aktau.