My Day in Kazakhstan

What could be more exciting and exquisite than alpine skiing!

02.02.2022 15:05

Head of the international recruiting company Michael Germershausen is from East Germany. 

Gordon is a great photo artist!

02.02.2022 10:19

Gordon Haskins rescues animals in trouble on the streets of Almaty.

Victoria Charbonneau

13.01.2022 18:53

Very few people can make such a sharp turn in life as Victoria Charbonneau. 

Ivaylo Todorov. Why is his favorite city Aktau?

30.12.2021 19:21

Ivaylo Todorov is loved and appreciated by everyone who knows him.

Unexpected find in the Ile-Alatau mountains

28.12.2021 11:35

Samantha has been teaching for a quarter of a century. 

Professor Shumaila Yousafzai: I am amazed by Kazakhstan!

30.11.2021 21:00

In the new episode of the My Day in Kazakhstan program, we will pay visit to the townhouse of the Nazarbayev University.

How Sean and his family live in Kazakhstan?

03.11.2021 15:39

 They traveled half the world and they visited almost all continents.