Production of glass, concrete modules, dry building mixtures

14.01.2022, 16:58

00:20 The presenter goes to the construction sites of Nur-Sultan to investigate how the industries involved in the construction of the Kazakh capital work.

01:06 Production of glass, concrete modules for building houses, dry building mixtures.

03:34 Specifics of the enterprise for the production of glass products, however the plant does not produce industrial glass.

06:45 The equipment at the enterprise allows to manufacture products of any complexity.

14:25 Features of the production of modular building blocks.

15:00 Modern equipment is installed at the plant.

15:25 What does the fittings look like after the welding shop.

21:20 INTERVIEW: How is the process of unloading raw materials going.

29:20 The company manufactures products to make consumers' homes more beautiful and comfortable.