Ken Dala

What country has the Great Tamerlan never conquered?

18.02.2021 15:24

Contemporaries note that he was a reserved person, he had a great sense of humor. Let's try to understand the legacy of Timur, Tamerlan.

Genghis Khan – Man of the Millennium

27.11.2020 16:05

Genghis Khan is often called the greatest conqueror in the history of mankind.

Genghis Khan - The Ruler of the Universe

27.11.2020 16:02

In the 13th century, this name horrified half of the population of Eurasia.

Temujin's way

27.11.2020 16:00

In 1206, Temujin was raised on a white felt and proclaimed Genghis Khan.

The Military art of Nomads

27.11.2020 15:58

What is the secret of success, the overwhelming success of nomadic armies?

Great Steppe Nomad Culture

27.11.2020 15:56

In this issue, you will learn about the nomads and the semantics of their symbols.

Ancient cities of nomads

27.11.2020 15:54

Nomads. They helped the settled neighbors to develop. Has the history of relations between nomadic and settled peoples always been a history of war and violence?

In search of truth. Kazakh steppe and akyns

27.11.2020 15:53

What secrets will be revealed? You will learn about this in this video.

Oral Tradition in Nomadic Culture

27.11.2020 15:51

It was no accident that in the Great Steppe they used to say: “A wandering fool is better than a sage sitting still.”