Peter Szijjarto: Our partnership is strategic

16.05.2022 12:53

The minister touched upon the cooperation projects as well as the situation in Ukraine.

How do people celebrate Nauryz holiday?

06.10.2021 16:08

March 21 - a big holiday in Kazakhstan. On this day, the Muslim New Year begins - it is called Nauryz Meiramy.

Tragic January in Kazakhstan. Marauders

01.03.2022 15:25

The beginning of 2022 went down in the history of independent Kazakhstan as black Tragic days.

Green Dumplings. Uyghur Cuisine

01.03.2022 15:11

Uyghurs harvest young clover sprouts at the very beginning of spring and make dumplings from it. The dish is called ‘green dumplings.’

Tragic January in Kazakhstan. How did the terrorist attacks start? Documentary

08.02.2022 14:14

How did the terrorist attacks start in Kazakhstan? What was the main reason for that? Watch this right now!

Kazakhstan and Moldova

04.02.2022 17:00

How to get to Cabernet Street and why memory is the most important thing?

Kazakhstan and Estonia

04.02.2022 16:41

Innovative technologies and medieval heritage. Estonia and Kazakhstan. In a special project of QazaqTV – «Close Neighbors»

Kazakhstan and Lithuania

04.02.2022 12:07

Get a James Bond license and play haunted basketball.

Kazakhstan and Russia

04.02.2022 11:50

The longest border, a new life for the Kazakh pavilion and a trade hub between Europe and Asia.

Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan

03.02.2022 18:49

Uzbekistan is a double-landlocked country in Central Asia. 

Kazakhstan and Tajikistan

03.02.2022 17:05

Republic of Tajikistan is a landlocked country in Central Asia.

Kazakhstan and Armenia

03.02.2022 16:43

Armenia, country of Transcaucasia, lying just south of the great mountain range of the Caucasus and fronting the northwestern extremity of Asia.

Kazakhstan and Georgia

03.02.2022 15:22

Georgia is a state located in the western part of Transcaucasia on the eastern coast of the Black Sea.

Kazakhstan and Belarus

03.02.2022 15:05

Belarus is a state in Eastern Europe, completely surrounded by land.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

03.02.2022 14:10

The Kyrgyz Republic is a state in Central Asia, located in the western and central parts of the Tien Shan and Pamir-Alai.

Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan

03.02.2022 12:52

Diplomatic relations between the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Republic of Kazakhstan were established on August 27, 1992.

What could be more exciting and exquisite than alpine skiing!

02.02.2022 15:05

Head of the international recruiting company Michael Germershausen is from East Germany. 

Gordon is a great photo artist!

02.02.2022 10:19

Gordon Haskins rescues animals in trouble on the streets of Almaty.