France hosts Top Resa International Tourism and Travel Exhibition

21.09.2022, 20:45

Paris is hosting the large-scale international tourism and travel exhibition. It is attended by about 35,000 industry professionals from different countries. For the first time, the Kazakh city of Almaty takes part in it as an independent brand. At present, the southern metropolis is often visited by tourists from the Arab countries, India and Russia. This summer, the city’s hotel room stock was 90 percent full this summer, which is a record figure.

“The influx of tourists from Europe has almost tripled. In the first half of the year, we welcomed more than 2,000 tourists from France. Now, we also work with tourists throughout Europe. We participate in exhibitions, road shows, as it is one of our main tasks to attract tourists to Kazakhstan, particularly Almaty city,” Marlen Maralov, deputy head of the Tourism Department in Almaty City, said.

French travel agents were attracted by Kazakhstan`s exhibition stand. Representative of one of the agencies, Natasha Demu came to the country for a familiarization tour and fell in love with the beautiful nature. She has been trying to get her clients interested in visiting the country ever since.

“Kazakhstan is not promoted enough in France. I recommend airing a short documentary about Kazakhstan on French television in order to promote this destination. In fact, there are a lot of attractions to show to arouse the interest among French people,” Natasha Demu, head of sales department of a travel agency, said.