Artificial intelligence to assist linguistics

20.09.2022, 16:35

Artificial intelligence to assist linguistics - representatives of the Swiss company invented a new technology of learning foreign languages. The system will allow users to translate any video into 67 languages and 60 dialects, including the Kazakh language, with 100% accuracy. The program automatically removes music and any noise interference. It is also capable of recognizing human speech and voicing its translation, the developers claim.

“The good news is that it is now possible to translate both from and into the Kazakh language. The program will be a great help to absolutely everyone, be it a private video producer or companies that are interested in a large number of translations. The mission of our company is to preserve the linguistic diversity of the world nations, to create conditions for the development of content in these languages and provide users with the opportunity to receive education in their native language,” said author of the project Denis Krasnikov.