Kazakhstan intends to introduce compulsory professional liability insurance for health workers

19.09.2022, 18:35

Сompulsory professional liability insurance for health workers is proposed to be introduced in Kazakhstan. Health Minister Azhar Giniyat announced the need to amend the draft health law in the Mazhilis. According to the minister, despite the fact that the work of doctors is difficult and full of responsibility, their work is often underestimated. The proposed mechanism for the payment of the health insurance premium will not only improve the status and quality of medical services, but also implement the state-guaranteed rights for patients to receive compensation.

“Medical, pedagogical and social workers are employees of those fields, which are the basis of our state and directly affect the well-being of our country. These workers have always been honored and respected in society. Article 270 of the Code of Kazakhstan ‘On Public Health and Healthcare System’ legislates the right to professional liability insurance of health workers in the event of harm to the life and health of the patient during the provision of medical care. The draft law is aimed at improving the status of health workers, protecting the rights of patients and improving the quality of health care,” said Giniyat.

According to Giniyat, the proposed model of healthcare professional liability insurance will certainly have a positive impact on the rating of the domestic health sector in the international arena.