Ancient burial of Saka era discovered in Kazakhstan

19.09.2022, 10:43

An ancient burial was found in the Karagandy region during planned field work. It’s the first historically significant find in this area in decades. The attention of specialists was caught by a vertically standing large stone, a menhir, which  was installed on ancient mounds. There was also a bronze mirror in the burial, along with the female skeleton and fragments of a leather case. According to scientists, the mound belongs to the Saka era.

“We attribute it to the 7th-5th centuries BC. Presumably, this is the early Saka period. The skeleton is anatomically well-preserved and of great interest to us, as it is now possible to further elaborate on certain points concerning the physical data through carbon analysis,” Dauren Zhussupov, Spokesperson for the Local History Museum in the Karagandy Region, said.

“The fact that these two burial mounds are located next to each other speaks of the continuity of generations. It is these facts that allow us to trace the chronology of events in the history of Kazakhstan. However, such a conclusion has been made only at the level of field studies so far, and a more accurate one will be made after the analysis of these mounds,” Tulkibai Tuleuov, head of the Center for Preservation of Historical and Cultural Heritage, said.