Kazakhstan – center for interfaith dialogue

14.09.2022, 14:17

Kazakhstan is the heartland of Eurasia. At present, representatives of over 100 ethnic groups live here in peace and harmony, and 18 faiths are practiced by nearly 4,000 religious communities. The capital has become the place of residence of adherents of almost all world religions.

“14 faiths practiced by 54 religious communities, including 13 Islamic, six Orthodox, four Catholic, 25 Protestant, Jewish, and Krishna are registered in Nur-Sultan city. In addition, 30 places of worship, involving 12 mosques, one synagogue, six Orthodox, four Catholic and 10 Protestant churches are located here,” Bauyrzhan Dikhanbayev, head of the Religious Affairs Department in Nur-Sultan, said.

The Department of Religious Affairs of the city of Nur-Sultan stated that favorable conditions were created between the representatives of various faiths for coexistence and effective interaction. Overall, Kazakhstan’s concept of interfaith cooperation has become a unique example for other countries.