Kazakh residents to receive lab test results through eGov mobile app

12.09.2022, 12:39

Kazakh residents will be able to receive lab test results through the Egov mobile application. For this purpose, the single integration portal will be expanded to keep all types of laboratory research, the Kazakh Health Ministry reported. It is planned to be implemented this year. Thus, the lab test results will be available in the application. According to the Ministry, “Health passport” section in the eGov is not popular, as it provides little useful information for people. A new system “Egov.Health” will therefore be invented. It is also planned to include the data on the availability of medicines and medical equipment in hospitals and clinics of the country. Also, the possibility of correcting the data on vaccination of the citizens through the eGov will be launched along with the Kazakh Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry.