59 Kazakh students receive EU-funded scholarships

12.09.2022, 10:06

This year 59 Kazakh students were given the opportunity to get free education in Europe. They received educational scholarships from the Erasmus Plus program. They will be able to obtain Master's degrees at the best universities of 13 EU countries.

“Students from Kazakhstan will be sent to 11 EU countries and two affiliated states Norway and the UK this year. France ranks first among the EU countries; the list also includes Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Poland, Portugal and others. The popular majors among students are those related to the professions of the future, such as circular economy, nuclear physics, agriculture, IT, security and environment. There are a lot of technical and humanitarian majors,” said EU Ambassador to Kazakhstan Kestutis Jankauskas.

A total of 300 Kazakh students have studied within this program in European universities since 2014. The first period of the educational program ended in 2020, and the second one started last year. Its funding is almost double that of the previous year. It amounts to over 26 billion euros.

“The Erasmus Plus program trains Master’s and Bachelor’s degree students who go abroad to study at various universities as part of the exchange, which lasts up to one semester or six months. Kazakhstan has over 5,000 such students so far, and their number is expected to increase. The country ranks first in terms of scholarship numbers, including Master’s degrees as well. The selection is quite large, this year 15,000 applications were submitted and grants were given to 59 Kazakh students,” said Jankauskas.

Those students wishing to receive a scholarship next year should submit an application on the website of the national operator of the program. Applications will open in October and run until the end of the year.