Wildfires in Kostanai region: Rescue squads from other regions return home

09.09.2022, 10:28

Rescue units involved in wildfire suppression in the Kostanai region are returning home. Overall, the situation in the Auliyekol district is stable. A total of over 2,000 people were mobilized to extinguish the fires in the region during these days. Over 400 firefighters will remain on the spot until the wildfires are completely eliminated. The emergency response team also continues its work. Rescuers say that preventing further fires is of paramount importance.

“There are private residential houses to the left of the oil depot. Most of them were fully engulfed in flames. We immediately started extinguishing residential buildings, going around the neighborhoods. If we saw any residents, we evacuated them right away. The local population provided us with food and drinking water. They brought provisions even at night,” shared Marat Syzdykov, Deputy Fire Chief of the Emergency Department in North Kazakhstan Region.

“The work is currently being carried out in four directions. It includes the irrigation of smoldering areas, as well as fire break plowing around the residential districts. As such, no fires are now being observed. There is no direct danger and threat to the nearby villages either,” said Ualikhan Mussanov, Spokesperson for the Press Service of the Emergency Department in Kostanai Region.