Kazakh craftswoman makes unique items inspired by Abai’s works

08.09.2022, 16:05

Works of the great Kazakh poet Abai were presented in the form of handicraft. Zhanar Malikbayeva, resident of Beskaragai village of the Abai region, makes unique products in the patchwork technique. The craftswoman made eight season-themed panels. The works have pieces of different types of fabric stacked on top of one another. The master admits that usually she draws inspiration from fiction. Two grandmothers taught her to do this, and now she tries to hand over her skills to the next generation. She has been teaching children the Kazakh applied art for 13 years. One of the first major works of the master was making the dolls in traditional clothing of different nations. Malikbayeva’s works have already been recognized abroad.

“My goal is to make people stop and pay attention to my works, to make them take their minds off problems and just focus on the beautiful things they see,” she said. “I don’t take money, I make my works pro bono. Because creativity is not for sale. If people order works, it will turn into a business, depriving them of soul.”