Kazakhstan to introduce rule of recalling parliamentary mandate

07.09.2022, 18:54

Kazakh residents will be able to use their right to deprive the members of Mazhilis and Maslikhat of their mandate due to the loss of voter confidence. The rule is provided in the amendments to the Constitutional Law ‘On the introduction of amendments and additions to certain constitutional laws of Kazakhstan on the implementation of the President’s address dated March 16, 2022.’ It was presented at a plenary session of the Lower House by Justice Minister Kanat Mussin. The Mazhilismen approved the proposed rule in the first reading.

“It depends on the candidate himself. During the election in a district, everyone makes promises to delve into voters’ problems, listen and pledge to fulfill them, but does not do this anyway. Unfortunately, we have such personalities. In each individual case, voters decide do they have confidence in MPs or not,” said Mussin.

The minister said it is necessary to get the required number of votes to revoke the mandate of MPs. The Mazhilis Members also considered and approved another bill, according to which October 25 would now become a national holiday – Republic Day.