Wildfire in Kostanai region: main fires extinguished

07.09.2022, 11:05

Over 2,000 people have been evacuated from villages since wildfire in the Kostanai region erupted. Many of them returned to their homes, and the threat to the residential areas was lifted, the Emergencies Minister Yuri Ilyin announced. According to the latest data, the main fires have already been extinguished, except the location near Baganaly village, which reported the threat of approaching flames the day before. However, firefighters managed to save residential buildings and outbuildings. The engineering equipment is currently plowing the soil to prevent the spread of fire. Also, the region recorded a rainfall last night.

“Of course, much will depend on weather conditions. The wind speed is expected to increase to 28 meters per second. Accordingly, this may cause the ignition of a fire again, since some pieces are still smoldering in separate areas. At present, all units are operating intensely, including all those assigned to eliminate the fire,” said Ilyin.

Meanwhile, environmentalists are sounding the alarm. According to them, it will take about 15 years to restore the fire-damaged forest in the Kostanai region, and at least 70 to restore its former area.