Humanitarian aid to wildfire victims in Kostanai region

06.09.2022, 12:32

Kazakh residents from all over the country are collecting humanitarian aid for the wildfire victims in the Kostanai region. Labor collectives transfer their one-day earnings to the aid fund. Entrepreneurs, public organizations and citizens bring basic necessities, medicines and food to the collection points.

“This shows our unity and solidarity. It is a great tradition coming from our ancestors, and now we are able to continue it. Not only are we sending humanitarian aid there, but we are also going to go to the Kostanai region to help with the restoration work,” shared Magzhan Isakhov, Spokesperson for the Youth Resource Center of Shymkent City.

Mangystau residents also collected the humanitarian aid.

“The locations and phone numbers of humanitarian aid collection points were published on social media,” volunteer Abzal Marat said. “The collecting points are open daily until 8 pm. We accept food as well as clothing.”

The Karagandy region collected 10 million tenge and over 10 tonnes of humanitarian aid for the wildfire victims. Volunteer groups were formed there for restoration work in the affected areas.

“To date, about 30 of our caring young citizens from Karagandy expressed their willingness to go to the Kostanai region. Such lists are also being formed in other cities and districts,” noted Nursultan Shamenov, head of the Public Reception Office at the branch of the ‘Amanat’ Party in the Karagandy Region.

In the Aktobe region, local entrepreneurs collected 40 tonnes of humanitarian goods. They also transfer money to a special account.

“Today, we have raised about a million tenge. We were able to buy one tonne of rice, 500 kg of buckwheat and 300 liters of sunflower oil. The rest of our citizens will transfer their one-day salary to the official fund under the Amanat party,” said Yerbol Shyma, Executive Secretary of the ‘Amanat’ Party Branch in the Kobda district, the Aktobe region.

The regions of Kazakhstan are ready to form humanitarian flights as long as people need help.