Turkey marks 150th anniversary of Akhmet Baitursynuly

06.09.2022, 12:20

The 150th birth anniversary of the Kazakh alphabet reformer was marked in Ankara. It hosted an international conference dedicated to the works of Akhmet Baitursynuly. Admirers of his works, including diplomats, Turkish public figures, professors of Turkic studies and students gathered in the Turkish capital. Many of them are the authors of theses and articles dedicated to his works. Turkish literary scholars believe that Baitursynuly's work is the heritage not only of Kazakhstan, but of the entire Turkic culture.

“People in Turkey have begun studying in detail the works of Akhmet Baytursynuly and other Alash Orda figures since the early 2000s. My dissertation is also dedicated to his work. It was published as a book. In addition, this year, we, together with the Writers Union of Eurasia and the Kazakh Embassy to Turkey, are planning to publish a book honoring the enlightener's anniversary,” shared Nergis Biray, professor at the Pamukkale University.

“Kardesh Kalemler magazine is published not only in Turkey. Many copies are also delivered and read in Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Tatarstan and other Turkic countries. This magazine also publishes articles about Baitursynuly, who is respected and honored throughout the Turkic world,” said Chairperson of the Writers Union of Eurasia Yakup Omeroglu.