Arba international exhibition kicks off in Kazakh capital

05.09.2022, 15:07

Bright colors, bold imagery, national charm and identity - an exhibition entitled "Arba" is taking place in the Kazakh capital. It brings together the diverse work of Central Asian artists, presenting abstraction, symbolism, and modernism. In total, it displays over 110 works by 12 artists.

“My works were exhibited in many countries, including Turkey, China, France, Iran, Russia, and Uzbekistan. But most of the exhibitions were held in Kazakhstan, in particular, Almaty city. It’s a great honor for me to present my works here. No life is complete without interaction, especially when it comes to neighboring countries,” Zhyrgaly Maturaimov, Honored Cultural Figure of Kyrgyzstan, said.

Sultan Ilyayev regularly participates in national and international exhibitions. Kazakhstan’s well-known artist presented 12 works at the exposition. Each of them reflects his desire to go beyond the limits and cross out the boundaries of reality.

“What other name could be given to this exhibition? Probably, reflection, since it expresses our soul, southern sun, abundance, and hospitality. Every artist has their own unique style. The exhibition will run for a month,” said Sultan Ilyayev, Honored Figure of Kazakhstan.