Wildfire situation in Kostanai region

05.09.2022, 12:45

Today, the Head of State flew over the fire-affected areas of the Kostanai region. Kassym-Jomart Tokayev arrived in the region on a working visit. At present, necessary work to extinguish fires is underway in the Auliyekol district. Meanwhile, the emergency response team of the country’s Emergency Situations Ministry reports about the possible threat of the fire moving from the forests to the Baganali village due to the strengthening of the wind. Measures are now being taken to remobilize equipment and forces. Residents are being evacuated to the Kazanbasy village. The fires are extinguished simultaneously by the aerial and land firefighting crews. It bears noting that the fire was reported in five locations in the Auliyekol district. It damaged and destroyed about 100 buildings. According to the emergency response team of the Emergency Ministry, a special commission was set up to estimate the damages. The residents affected by the forest fires will be able to restore their documents in a fast-track manner. To do this, they have to contact the Public Service Centers, the Government informs.