Kazakh residents share views on luxury tax

02.09.2022, 18:52

President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev announced a proposal to introduce a luxury tax in the country. In his state-of-the-nation address dubbed “Fair state. United nation. Prosperous society”, the Head of State proclaimed a large-scale tax reform. According to the president, the new type of duty will be levied on the purchase of expensive real estate and personal vehicles. The tax, however, will not apply to the middle class. Tokayev also declared that a new tax code will be drafted in the country next year, and the first thing to be renewed is the tax administration. Here are some opinions of Kazakh citizens on the president’s initiative.

Kazakh residents share their views on this matter.

-I fully support this initiative. After all, taxes allow for the development of medicine and education in the country. They are distributed to schools, salaries of teachers and public sector employees. The country’s ordinary citizens pay these taxes. Therefore, I think this is the right decision, since these funds will benefit the state and society.

-We have a lot of successful businessmen, I support this decision to levy taxes on them, because these funds will go to the country’s budget. Accordingly, it will benefit the people.

-Overall, it will be good is these funds will be allocated to something useful. This has long been expected by the people. It will be good if this functions as intended. In general, this is really good.