Kazakhstan’s Basic Law: experts on main constitutional amendments

27.08.2022, 14:41

August 30 is the day when Kazakhstan marks its state holiday - Constitution Day! This year, the country’s basic law turns 27. Over the years, the supreme law of Kazakhstan has been amended several times. The latest amendments were approved after the nationwide referendum held in June this year.

“In fact, the constitutional amendments were quite extensive. A total of 56 amendments to 33 articles of the Constitution were adopted. That’s a third of the Constitution, so that’s a pretty big package of amendments. The main objective of the constitutional reform is the systemic transformation of the existing state model. Thus, the constitutional amendments are of great significance, as they form a new legal foundation in the country. That is, the amended Constitution is a new legal foundation for the New Kazakhstan and the Second Republic, the concepts that were proclaimed by the Head of State,” said Arman Toktushakov, expert of the Institute of World Economics and Politics.

The expert from the Institute of World Economics and Politics says that the amended Constitution of Kazakhstan is based on the requests of its citizens and the society’s interests. It is of historical importance for the whole country, since the reforms are an essential and important stage in the large-scale political modernization of the country.