Photo exhibition dedicated to world religions kicks off in Nur-Sultan

26.08.2022, 16:04

Over 20 photographs dedicated to world religions were presented at the itinerant exhibition in Nur-Sultan. It aims at demonstrating the unique model of interfaith and inter-ethnic harmony of Kazakhstan, where representatives of over 130 ethnic groups and 17 confessions live. The exhibition will run until September 5. It was organized by Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Center for the Development of Interfaith and Inter-Civilization Dialogue with the support of Kazakh Ministry of Information and Social Development. The exposition was planned to coincide with the upcoming Seventh Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, which is scheduled for mid-September.

“The exhibition contains photographs about Christianity, Islam, Judaism and Buddhism. I think it will be interesting for the onlookers, as the photos were sent to us by our partners from Egypt, Islamabad, Russia and numerous other countries. We also plan to host an exposition at the National Museum dedicated to the history of religion in Kazakhstan, as well as a photo exhibition dedicated to the history of the Congresses at the foot of Baiterek monument,” said Bulat Sarsenbayev, Chairperson of the Nazarbayev Center For Development of Interfaith and Inter-Civilization Dialogue.