Kazakhstan to see increase in private clinics providing free services

26.08.2022, 13:11

Kazakhstan will see the growth in private clinics able to provide free services. The rule that previously did not let many medical organizations do this within compulsory health insurance has recently been repealed by the Health Ministry. This was reported by the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, which received multiple complaints from the country’s private health sector. The latter complained both about paperwork and excessive administrative barriers. As it turned out, clinics in several regions of Kazakhstan couldn’t get into the social health insurance fund’s database for years. The ministry’s order is anticipated to change the situation. It will come into force as early as September.

“The Health Ministry amended the order to train health care providers offering their services under the compulsory health insurance and guaranteed volume of free medical care programs. This eliminates the need for them to join the regional long-term plan. The proposal was taken into account by the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs,” said Gulnaz Akatayeva, Deputy Director of the Health Services Department in the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs.