Comics of the kazakh screenwriter conquer the world market

25.08.2022, 16:07

The works of Kazakh comic book writer Bek-Ata Daniyal gain recognition all over the world. He is the author of popular comic books printed by well-known foreign publishers. Daniyal found joy in such kind of books when he was a little boy. Having grown up, he decided to professionally engage in writing scripts for comic books. For this, the author pursued a bachelor’s degree in the UK, and now he continues his studies in a master’s program at one of the Northern Cyprus universities.

‘Superheroes and comic book shops have always inspired me. I find this eternal struggle between good and evil very important, especially in our hard times. But comics are not only about superheroes. Any genre, from educational to entertaining, can be put into comics. Basically, a comic book is a mix of a film, an animated film and a book. It is a low-budget cartoon’, said  Bek-Ata Daniyal, Kazakh comic book writer.

Daniyal’s comic books “Dinosaur Warrior”, “Audacious Brothers”, “Warrior of Communism” sold out worldwide literally in a matter of days. Now the young screenwriter is pursuing the goal of developing comic book culture in Kazakhstan.

‘My comic books have been published in India. Now we’re preparing to release them in Russia. A prose and a trilogy were published in England. We have three countries in the bank and we will keep going. I want to work for Kazakhstan, of course. I strongly believe in the New Kazakhstan. We want to make not only comics, but also cartoons. I would like to do my part for the country and encourage young people to do so. The future of Kazakhstan is my priority’ amphasezed Bek-Ata Daniyal.

Talking about plans for the future, Daniyal noted that he is preparing a number of projects for a foreign publishing house, including fantasy comic book “Caspian Horror” and “Kaysar – Son of Tengri”.