Kazakh capital hosts exhibition ‘Constitution - Basis of Statehood’

25.08.2022, 19:34

For the first time, the materials of the nationwide referendum held on June 5 will be presented in a systematic way. They are showcased as part of the exhibition entitled ‘Constitution - Basis of Statehood’. It was opened at the Nazarbayev Centre in anticipation of the holiday. The exhibition consists of several sections that tell about the legal laws of steppe democracy and important historical events and milestones of the Kazakh society such as “The Bright Path of Kassym Khan”, “Zheti Zhargy by Tauke Khan”, ‘Karamola Erezhe’ by Abai Kunanbaiuly and the political program of the Alash Orda government. Documents on the current stages of development of the country's Basic Law are also presented there.

“The exposition has been opened prior to Constitution Day.  It systematically describes the path of the country's basic law. It begins with the “Laws of the great steppe” and then showcases changes that were made in 1993 and 1995. Also, the materials of the referendum that took place in June of this year are presented there in a systematic way. We are publishing these documents for the first time with the support of the Central Election Commission,” Kulayisha Aktayeva, Deputy Director of the Library of the First President of Kazakhstan, said.