Published manuscript of Auezov’s travels to America presented in Almaty

25.08.2022, 10:24

Mukhtar Auezov's manuscript "Impressions of America" was published for the first time in English and Kazakh. The book presentation took place in Almaty. The great writer, during a month-long trip to America in 1960, made notes in his diary every day. Auezov planned to write essays later, but, unfortunately, the writer didn’t have a chance to do it since he passed away a year after he got back from the states.

“I have read and read it. It is kind of incredible pleasure and great interest. It really felt like a window of interesting and amazing period in history. Really, just over 60 years ago, the USA and Soviet Union decided to have a usual interest of our countries,” said U.S. Consul General Caroline Savage.

In his travel notes, Auezov depicts in detail the life of Americans, the beauty of nature and the U.S. achievements at that time. At the presentation, the most interesting excerpts from the book were recited.

“He traveled to a lot of large cities in the US. He was in Washington, New York, Boston, as well as in Phoenix, Arizona. He even visited Disneyland and Hollywood. Auezov held many meetings at universities and schools, and also visited the Library of Congress in Washington,” Diar Kunayev, Director of Auezov Literary and Memorial House Museum, said.

Mukhtar Auezov’s book entitled “Impressions of America” is available free of charge on the KITAP.KZ website until the end of September.