Specialized exhibition in Nur-Sultan to focus on women’s issues

22.06.2022, 13:55

The protection of women’s rights is a pressing issue in the world. An exhibition of Kazakh female artists ‘Ol kyz’ in Nur-Sultan was dedicated to this topic. The exhibits tell about the stories of women who do not lose hope for a brighter future and selflessly love their children. The goal of the exhibition is to draw the attention of modern society to such relevant issues as gender inequality, domestic violence and the protection of women’s rights. The exhibition displays a total of about 50 works by nine artists of the country.

“Here is a series of my photographs called ‘River of Life’. I look at this issue from the philosophic viewpoint: the river is a kind of hard different life situations that women have to face throughout their lives when raising children. Since the format of the exhibition is modern, there are no boundaries and frames. There are paintings, installations collected from a variety of objects, photographs and fabric expositions,” said an artist and the exhibition curator Aigerim Mazhitkhan.


Translation by Saniya Sakenova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova