Remains of 11 Kazakh soldiers found in Belarus

22.06.2022, 10:32

Burials of 11 Kazakh soldiers, who died in World War II were found in Belarus. Currently, the Maidan Zholy search team is conducting an expedition in the Dubrovsky district of the Vitebsk region. Soon, the search team will erect a monument at the Rylenki memorial in tribute to the memory of the fallen soldiers.  And the remains of the Red Army soldiers will be delivered to their homeland, where they will be buried.  The 39th and 238th rifle divisions, formed on the territory of Kazakhstan, participated in the liberation of Belarus. They suffered heavy losses in severe fighting near Vitebsk.

“We are currently near the village of Ponizovye. One of these large burials is located in the ravine. Soldiers were buried here in such places and conditions.  We want to bury them with military honors,” said search party commander Alexander Shitov.




Translation and editing by Saule Mukhamejanova