48 Hours Film Race for Central Asian residents to start in July

17.06.2022, 15:08

The annual “48 Hours Film Race” for cinematographers from Central Asian countries will start on July 9. The contestants will have to create a short film up to four minutes long in just 48 hours. There is one task that all films must fulfill. It consists of a phrase and a character that must appear in the movie. The participants will have 48 hours to the complete all stages of the production of a film, from the preparation of the screenplay and shooting to post-production.

The contest has two selection levels. First is short-listing TOP-48 filmmakers, followed by the final vote of the international jury. The films that complied with the requirements will be screened at movie theatres and uploaded on the contest’s YouTube channel.

The winners will also have the opportunity to take an intensive filmmaking course at the New York Film Academy, as well as get free online NYFA scholarships in filmmaking, screenwriting, production, editing/post-production, camera skills and others.