National Kurultai – new interactive platform

16.06.2022, 12:31

The first meeting of the National Kurultai will be held today in Ulytau. The consultative and advisory body includes 117 people. The new institution will continue the work of the National Council of public confidence and should serve as a link between the authorities and people. According to the experts, the creation of the National Kurultai is the continuation of the consistent implementation of New Kazakhstan idea. It should become the platform where the country’s development prospects will be discussed. 

“Some of our citizens confuse the kurultai with those ones held at the beginning of independence, when we started inviting our compatriots to their homeland. The National Kurultai created under the President has a different modern format. The mission of this Kurultai on the contrary is to suggest significant projects and challenges to the Head of State and the society in general. In the light of the transformation of our society, the first meeting of the National Kurultai is symbolically scheduled in Ulytau district,” said Zhamaladen Ibragimov, a historian.


Translation by Zhanna Smagulova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova