Tourist Season starts on Lake Maraldy

13.06.2022, 15:35

The tourist season started on Lake Maraldy. The salty spring in Pavlodar region known for its healing properties attracts both Kazakh and foreign tourists. Last season the resort area was visited by more than 24,000 tourists.

“We like the water here. There was healing, warm mud over there last time. I tried mud bath. But now we have just come to relax. Boarders are open, coronavirus pandemic is over,” said tourist from Russia Nursipat Kurmanova.

“We’ve heard that there is such a lake with healing properties and decided to come here. I really liked it. We are here for the first time, on Lake Maraldy. The nature is also so beautiful,” shared tourist Lyazzat Toleubekova.

The resort area is being improved. Sunbeds and canopies are installed. There are a police post and first-aid post. Besides, it is planned to expand the coastal zone, install outdoor swimming pool, provide places for 24-hour facilities and build several recreational areas.

“There will be about 12 yurts on the resort territory. This year we will allow to stay overnight in yurts. We will have some new types of summerhouses. The first ones have already been brought, installed and ready. We are planning to have 15 of them. There is a special cauldron where both main dishes and pilaf will be cooked,” said business owner Gulmira Otargaliyeva.



Translation by Zhanna Smagulova

Editing by Saule Mukhamejanova