Foreign media on referendum in Kazakhstan

09.06.2022, 10:31

Amendments to the constitution are only the beginning. What matters now is the practical implementation of the amendments. This is the opinion of many experts. Despite the fact that the referendum in Kazakhstan completed on Sunday, many foreign media continue to publish reviews and articles regarding this issue. In particular, the American Forbes published an article by Ariel Cohen. The journalist also notes the importance of political renovation in Kazakhstan.

“The referendum held last Sunday is a key step toward transforming Kazakhstan into a pivotal energy and economic axis on the Eurasian continent,” said Ariel Cohen from Forbes, U.S.

The Italian newspaper “Il Giornale” also emphasizes the importance of the historical event in Kazakhstan.  Journalist Federico Giuliani publicly supports the political changes in the country.

“The constitutional amendments, being the first serious step of national renovation, strengthen the powers of parliament and local authorities, redefine the system of checks and balances in Kazakhstan’s political structure, and revise the mechanisms of human rights protection. In short, we are talking about a historic moment for Kazakhstan,” opined Federico Giuliani from Il Giornale, Italy.

The publications also place great emphasis on the consciousness of Kazakh citizens and their readiness for new reforms and changes.

“Referendum 2022 was held, and the experts note that no violations were recorded, which proves high civic duty, that Kazakh people value their country and want to live in progress, which is the key to the future of Kazakhstan. The referendum outcome - 77.18 percent support constitutional amendments. We congratulate the Kazakh people on this dignified day, June 5, 2022, which has already made history - the day of the reconstruction and development of the country,” said Georgian correspondent Nino Meshveliani.



Translation by Zhanna Smagulova

Editing by Galiya Khassenkhanova