Three new regions appear on Kazakhstan map

08.06.2022, 12:27

Three new regions have officially appeared on the map of Kazakhstan today. According to the decree of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, these are Abai, Ulytau and Zhetisu regions. The document entered into force today.

The structure of the new Ulytau region includes three cities and two districts. The center of the region is the city of Zhezkazgan. The population exceeds 200,000 people. Currently, road repair and infrastructure improvement work is in full swing. The economy of the new region is industrially oriented. Country's non-ferrous metallurgy is located there: copper production in Zhezkazgan and mines in Satpayev. It is planned to transport about 500 employees of state and law enforcement agencies there.

 “The new city’s administration will be located in the western residential area of ​​the city of Zhezkazgan. Seven buildings are planned to be built there. It is also necessary to build 162,000 square meters of housing for civil servants who are moving to Zhezkazgan. It is also necessary to attract 31 billion tenge for engineering infrastructure,” said Nurzhan Orynbayev, Chairman of the Public Authorities Placement Commission.

Starting today, the East Kazakhstan region will develop without the Semei territory. The newly created region includes the cities of Semei and Kurchatov, and eight districts. The city of Oskemen, Ridder and nine districts will remain in the East Kazakhstan region. Thus, the two regions, previously ruled from the same center, now rolled up the borders and became neighboring regions. The popular Alakol resort moved to the Abai region, and the large production of the Bakyrchik and Zhezkent deposits also went to the new region.

“From 2015, the volume of industrial production in the region has increased fivefold from 184 billion tenge to the current 898 billion tenge. In addition, the presence of such large deposits as Aktogai, Bakyrchik and Alakol on the territory of the Abai region will certainly boost the economy of the region,” said Governor of the East Kazakhstan region Danial Akhmetov.

The Zhetisu region, separated from the Almaty region, included eight districts and the cities of Taldykorgan and Tekeli. The regional center is the city of Taldykorgan. Also, according to the decree, the city of Kunayev will from now on be the center of the Almaty region.



Editing by Assem Zhanmukhanova